Tattoo Obscura opened in 2011 and is Janesville’s leading tattoo parlor in custom designs.  Not only do we boast one of the cleanest shops in Janesville, but you will also find our artists friendly and professional.  Tattoo Obscura is an LGBTQA+ woman-owned studio run by all vagina-owning artists with big dick energy. Together our artists have over 30 years of combined experience.  Our artists include: Christine Fotorny (owner and tattooist), Aarika Hash a.k.a. Beju (tattooist), Damian/Jenn Williams (tattooist) and Bridget Ware (tattooist)

In October 2020, Christine bought a commercial building closer to downtown. After some renovations and parting with many of our things. We recently just relocated to 114 S Franklin St!

Please click on an artist’s name to see some of what Tattoo Obscura has to offer.

Feel free to email with any questions! Or find us on Facebook!

For the most accurate price inquiries, we recommend giving us measurements in inches and placement of tattoo!

608-563-4545         tattoo.obscura@gmail.com

Our shop is located just behind the YMCA!

There is a $60.00 minimum charge for tattoos.  Most appointments require at least a $20 deposit which comes off the price of your tattoo.

You must be at least 18 years with photo ID to get a tattoo. State of Wisconsin does not allow minors to get a tattoo even with parental consent.

We no longer do anything piercing related: sell jewelry, change jewelry or pierce!

128 comments on “Welcome

  1. I am looking to bring my adult daughter in for a father / daughter Celtics I was given name of Kimberly is She still there friend had done great work.

  2. Hi, this is for Christine, for the 5 o’clock on Monday. My quote is “the warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over” and I’d like a ravens feather to be under the wording. I’d like it to be on my left shoulder blade. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi! I was looking to get a tattoo on the inside of each of my arms.

    One would have:
    MMXI (cross in the middle) MCMLXXXVI

    The other:
    MMXV (cross in the middle) MMIV

    Do you have any availability next week?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • We might? I’d recommend stopping in to make an appointment so we can check size and placement and schedules. Plus we take a $20 deposit for appointments which comes of the price of your tattoo

  4. Hello! I’m 17 and was wondering if a parent/garudian would be need to be present if I were to have my septum pierced.

  5. I just got my nose pierced last Saturday and everything is great except the current stud is bothering the inside of my nose and keeps pushing my piercing out. is there a way to avoid this or change it to something smaller?

  6. For the MBMCFlashEvent, is an appointment needed? This is awesome for you to participate and thank you!

  7. Hey saw your My Body My Choice Event in the paper! Are you guys still tattooing customers who would love to get a pro-choice tattoo? If so I would LOVE to make an appointment!

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