30653283_10215840267468835_3375148035566447577_nAward winning artist Over 15+ years experience with big NPC energy. The nerdiest of the bunch specializing in Pokemon Anime Full color Gamer and Cartoony tattoos for all your nerdy needs!


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6 comments on “Beju

  1. So i think your the right person, but anyways i got a trial piece done on my shoulder, an outline and was wanting to get it finished soon, wondering if you had any open times coming up… just let me know, and if you have no clue who i am, I’m sorry for this message. ..

  2. Message to Aaricka aka Beetlejuice:

    Hey… I don’t know if you remember me, but I came in to the shop a couple weeks ago talking about getting an Avenged Sevenfold Deathbat chest piece started… I remember you saying you are only in the shop part-time. I’m very picky when it comes to getting tattoos and don’t trust a lot of peoples. But you’ve come highly recommended, darlin’. 🙂 Should I call or stop in to see when you’re available??Cause I really would love for you to be the one to tat me up… ]; }’

  3. I’m thinking of getting daith piercings but I also know they are quite new. Do you do these? Have you had much experience doing them? How much do they cost? Would you recommend getting both done at the same time or only one and waiting for it to heal before doing the other?

    • They’re not necessarily new just newly trending. With that being said yes we do have experience doing them and more so lately! They cost $30 a piece. It’s up to you as far as pain tolerance. Cartilage takes 6months to a year to heal but since it’s more inside your ear most people don’t have as much lingering pain since it doesn’t get bumped as much.

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