Tattoo Obscura opened in 2011 and is Janesville’s leading tattoo parlor in custom designs.  Not only do we boast one of the cleanest shops in Janesville, but you will also find our artists friendly and professional.  Tattoo Obscura is an LGBTQA+ woman-owned studio run by all vagina-owning artists with big dick energy. Together our artists have over 30 years of combined experience.  Our artists include: Christine Fotorny (owner and tattooist), Aarika Hash a.k.a. Beju (tattooist), Damian/Jenn Williams (tattooist) and Bridget Ware (tattooist)

In October 2020, Christine bought a commercial building closer to downtown. After some renovations and parting with many of our things. We recently just relocated to 114 S Franklin St!

Please click on an artist’s name to see some of what Tattoo Obscura has to offer.

Feel free to email with any questions! Or find us on Facebook!

For the most accurate price inquiries, we recommend giving us measurements in inches and placement of tattoo!

608-563-4545         tattoo.obscura@gmail.com

Our shop is located just behind the YMCA!

There is a $60.00 minimum charge for tattoos.  Most appointments require at least a $20 deposit which comes off the price of your tattoo.

You must be at least 18 years with photo ID to get a tattoo. State of Wisconsin does not allow minors to get a tattoo even with parental consent.

We no longer do anything piercing related: sell jewelry, change jewelry or pierce!

128 comments on “Welcome

  1. I wanted to get a rough estimate and apt to finish shading a negative tribal on my left pectoral, outline has been done? I have more work to be done also but this needs done first. You can reach me at bevarska20@gmail.com or 6082957411. Any assistance is appreciated, I also have a photo.

  2. Im curious how much u would charge for
    Kingston Alexander 7.15.2015 on my wrist in a very elegant scripture

  3. Hey, im tryin to reach rick. He did a barbwire tattoo on my right arm and id like to setup a time to go over another tattoo for my left arm. Thanks

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you do surface piercings, like dermal anchors? And about how much do you think it would cost if you do?

  5. I am interested in getting a Daith Piercing. Do you do these often? Most of your reviews are about tattoos. And what would be the charge?

  6. Hi,
    I was hoping to find out what colors are available to get that would closely resemble an old skeleton key, for my next tattoo? Something between a brown and silver?

    Thank you,

  7. How much would the “Venom” Tongue Piercing Cost? The one on the very tip of the tongue,
    & The ” Inner Lip ” Piercing, Its a bar that goes horizontally throught the surface of the bottom lip

  8. How old do you half to be to tag along to watch someone older get a tattoo and or watch someone get piercings done.

  9. I’m wanting to get the diath piercing and possibly my nipples pierced.how much would that cost me and what prep work would I need to do before hand?

  10. I’m wanting to get the diath and possibly my nipples pierced.how much would that cost me and what prep work would I need to do before hand?

    • It’d be $40 for the nipples and $30 for the daith. No prep work just make sure you have an ID on you and I’d recommend calling ahead to be sure we have someone available

  11. I have a half sleeve tattoo that’s not fully finished, the shop I previously was going to close with no refund of money even though the artist didn’t finish his work. How do your artist feel about finishing a piece that someone else started? I need coloring finished for my half sleeve the outline and majority of the shading is finished except for 2 small roses. I would like to get in end of March or beginning of april. Looking to spend no more then 250 for coloring of red roses and green leaves/vines.

    • I’d just recommend coming in so we can take a look at it! We would know better price and all that. And if it would be something we would do. If you have an artist in mind that youd want to finish it just let us know. We are open Monday through Saturday 11-7pm so stop in anytime for a consult.

  12. Hello I was wondering about pricing for two different tattoos the first one would be about twice the size of a 50 cent piece and of a sunflower with mandala detailing in the center, the second tattoo would be the outline of the world about hand size. All I would need would be a ballpark price for each. Thank you.

    • It’s hard to say without seeing it in person or if it’s even doable the size you want. Depending on the details of the Mandala im not sure it could be that small. I might recommend stopping in for a price estimate in person. Because size and location and color make a big difference in price quotes.

  13. My daughter is gonna be 15 and wants her belly pierced. Is she able to do that if we bring in id birth certificate school id… since I am her parent and I’m OK with it…

  14. so for walk ins what if i wanted to get a medium size cross on my hand would that be okay or would i have to set up an appointment to get that done. also how much do you think that would cost, i was just thinking a simple black cross on my hand. not sure yet if i am getting it done yet just wondering how everything would cost .

    • I’d recommend making an appointment. It gives us time to draw whatever you want. And if it’s medium sized we can make sure we have the time. Price wise its hard to say without seeing the design and size.

  15. I want to get a medium sized underboob tattoo.. Free hand. I want it to be original. How much do you think that would cost?

    • It just depends on what it is and how big and how long it’ll take. I’d guess at least $100. But it’d be hard to give an accurate price without it drawn and sized. I’d recommend coming in and if you have an artist in mind let us know. We take a $20 deposit to draw and hold your appointment but it comes off the price of your tattoo.

  16. HI, so I’m under 18 and want to get a belly button piercing… I heard all piercings are $20 dollars and I just need a parent with an ID to sign?? Will I need anything else?

    • Yes navels are $20. You will need a photo ID with a birthdate on it to prove you are at least 16 and your parent with their ID so they can sign is also required

  17. I need some advice because I already have singles and double lobe piercings and I want my triples, but my doubles are too close to my singles, so is there a way to fix them, or would you repierce my doubles in a different spot? and overall how much would four piecings be?

    • It’s hard to say without seeing what we’re doing. I’d recommend stopping in so we could talk in person. The lobe piercings are $10 a piece. So four lobes would be $40.

  18. So i was hoping to get a cartilage piercing sometime this week and i saw that it was only $10 and that it included the earring. When I got my first piercings I had a really bad infection, so I was just wondering if the quality of the earrings are good. What kind of metal are they made out of?

  19. Attn: Kimber, I am wanting to get a quote on a tattoo with a blue ribbon on my wrist and sisterly love written in cursive next to it. I cant seem to send you a picture of my similar tattoo. Let me know when you have available time and how much it will cost. My contact number is 262-374-2395. Thanks

  20. My almost 13 year old wants to get her nose pierced for her birthday. 1) do you offer gift certificates? 2) what do I need to bring with me as her parent to get the work done?

  21. How much does a rook piercing cost and would you be able to get 2 rook piercings/double rook on the same ear together in one session?

  22. If I wanted to get my forward helix earring changed, would I be able to get that done here? If yes…Do I need to come with a new earring for that, or do you guys have some that I could pick from?

    • We have a few. But we don’t carry a lot. Youd be better off bringing in what you want specifically and we change it for free. I just recommend calling ahead to be sure we have someone available so you won’t have to wait. 🙂

  23. Hello,

    What is the cost of having both nipples pierced? Also, do you have titanium barbells available? My body reacts horribly to stainless steel jewelry.



    • They’re $20/piece. Our jewelry is surgical steel. Not all surgical steel is of the same quality though. Ours we haven’t had problems with. We might have some titanium available but it might not be the right size. It would depend on the person.

  24. Hi,
    I was wondering what size needle you use for cartilage piercings? I wanted to buy earings but i totally forgot to ask about it when I got mine pierced here a while ago. Also if I have a bump near the piercing should I be worried about it?

  25. How far are you booking out for tattoos? Me and a friend want to each get one but smaller and not a ton of detail.
    Thanks !

    • It just depends on who you’d be getting tattooed by and the tattoos themselves. Smaller tattoos we can potentially squeeze in. I’d recommend stopping in to schedule and talk to the artist you’d be interested in!

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